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Creating a Mobile version of a solution!

Question asked by mersim95 on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2018 by Jason Wood

Hi Everyone,


So me and my team have been working on a solution, but looking at it now, we have added lots of features and what a company can manage through this solution, as asked from client.

On desktop and ipad looks great and its fast, problem is when you try to open it from phone. Since there are lots of tables and relationships, scripts and layouts and the solutions is huge, it is slow when opening and when performing commands for the first time.


So we thought to create another file for phone version of our database, where we will add as external tables only the tables we will need to use on phone (as features will be more limited than on desktop).

Will this make it faster to respond and work with? Has anyone tried this one?


I tried it and honestly it looks faster, but i need to re-enter the password to login twice which is something i dont want.

Also when you want to close them you have to close them both,Any suggestions?


Thanks a lot,