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Script with variable $date = Get(CurrentDate) runs into next day

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2018
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Hi, I would greatly appreciate any feed back on this scenario.


I have an import script that is date dependent. It runs at about 10:30 and has always completed on the same day. However, last night there was an extremely heavy load, causing the script to run into the next day. I'd like the script to retain the 'date of import start' throughout this medium-lengthy script-- I'm aware of a number of ways to do this (i.e set field with a variable, etc).


But, I'm curious-- If I set a date variable at the start of the script (set variable $date= Get(CurrentDate)), and utilize this variable throughout the script, does the '$date variable' dynamically change if the script runs into the next day, or does it retain the date of when the '$date variable' step was read by the script?