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FMP17 installation

Question asked by markolson68 on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by ByteTheBullet

FMP17 won't install on my MBP. 

I bought MFP17 before the sept 21 cutoff for upgrading from FMP14. 

I installed Mojave today.

After Mojave, I attempted to install FMP, but after the first screen where I entered the license number, the next screen was a garbled mess.  It included lines for text entry that didn't have labels, and it included one line for entering the license number again but wouldn't allow me to click in it.  The back button didn't have any words in it.  Clearly things were not ok. 

Now I can't use FMP17 or FMP14.  FMP is THE Most important app on my laptop, so I really hope there's a solution to this. 

I also sent this inquiry straight to Filemaker and after submitting the screen said that my case number was "# null", which does not inspire a great deal of confidence.