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Making a grid of photos

Question asked by SlaterKing on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by scoot

Hi Everyone!


I think this might be simple ... but you never know!


I've a database of people, and each person has a picture of them in a container field. I want to show these people as a grid, say 8 along and however many rows down I'd need to show everyone in the found set.


The way I was going about it was to make a label layout, with 8 columns in the manage layout section. This works ok, but the only way to see them all is in preview, which means that any buttons with scripts (such as goto to this person's record in a different layout) don't work.


Is there anyway to get my grid plus working buttons all on the same page? would you use a different method rather than the Preview page? (I don't ever need to print this, just view it on screen.)


Many thanks for any help you can give,