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How to call Script Upon Power Loss

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Oct 5, 2018
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UPS - FMS Shutdown Script


What I need is a way to call this script upon power loss?


I have a sh script that Closes FMS (17) upon activation. What I need is a way to call this script upon power loss. I will have a UPS for a Mac Mini running FMS 17. 


I have been in contact with APC and they advised there is no interface to customize for Mac OS X.


I need some advice from someone who has a script that detects when the computer is being powered by the UPS Battery. A sample would be even better on how to do this. Thanks-Mike


Full Script Attached:






# Close Files and log to CloseFMS.txt


  fmsadmin -u user -p password CLOSE -y    > CloseFMS


  echo $? Error


# TimeStamp Function



  current_time=$(date "+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S")

  echo "Current Time : $current_time"



  echo "New FileName: " "$new_fileName"


  mv $file_name $new_fileName

  echo "You should see new file generated with timestamp on it.."


  echo $? Error