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I have a database I'm working on which provides for parts to be associated with products we manufacturer. The problem I am working on now is that more than one machine can have in it's parts list the same parts. In other words, a 60 inch machine will have some of the same parts as an 80 inch machine or an upgrade.


So, I have multiple products where each may  take parts another product may also take.


I am using primary IDs but the part numbers are also unique.


The inventory table has the usual fields:


Part Number





Product type

QTY On Hand


The order for the machine will describe which product is being built and I want to pull the parts from Inventory and put them in to the parts list for the machine order. Because each part may relate to more than one machine, how do I relate the proper parts without having parts in the inventory table more than once each with a different related product.


Thanks for your time