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Step by step instructions for setting up file sharing?

Question asked by pasleeth on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by philmodjunk

For the first time in 22 years of FileMaker use, I need to share the databases I’ve developed with a coworker so we can both use the files simultaneously,  editing records or developing the schema – of course, within the host/client constraints and rules established by the software engineers. Reading the FMP documentation, I thought I understood how to set it up, but so far we’ve had no success – and to be honest, FileMaker’s online help isn’t all that explicit about this stuff.


I suspect the problem is, we’ve been referencing the IP addresses of our individual desktop computers in the sharing set-up, but since the files we’re using are stored on a shared network drive, it’s that drive’s IP address that we should be using instead.


What I’m hoping is that someone in the community has done a more thorough job of documenting, step-by-step, how to achieve my objective. Here are some additional parameters.


  • My coworker and I have individual licenses for FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 on Windows 8.
  • For the files we want to share (which is most of them), I’ve added user accounts for both of us with Full Access privileges to the Security settings, and of course kept FMP’s default Guest and Admin accounts.
  • As stated above, the data files themselves are currently stored on a shared network drive on a server managed by an IT group within our institution, but not my own department’s IT group.
  • There are dozens of data files, and many of them are related.
  • The shared drive is backed up every evening, as are the files on our local drives, and everything is behind a firewall. However we establish sharing, our files need to retain equivalent protection and back-up.


I’m not a techie and out of my depth on this problem, so we’re turning to our own IT group for help, and whatever instruction you can provide will be passed along to them. So whoever responds, don’t hesitate to use tech-speak, at least where it’s not esoteric FileMaker nomenclature. (Our IT folk aren’t FMP users themselves, but they are administrators for our local network and manage all the staffs’ computers and software.) Hope I haven’t left anything out.