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Number of days selected in a Calendar

Question asked by chrisdgallego on Oct 7, 2018
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Hi, I'm sorry my English in advance.
I don't want to fill with more comments an old thread so I decided to ask with a new one here.

My goal is to get the next idea inspired by FileKraft code example located on this thread where he helps posting two variants to get what a user asked and almost what I want:

A Calendar where I could select different days (sorted or not) to calculate the amount of days to complete the final price for a product. Take a look to the screen capture. It's done in Illustrator.


File Maker Doubt to ask calendar picker.jpg

Top right rectangle:

There I will select the day a production start until the day it finish.


Oval marks:

  • Those are the calendar where I could select the days that will be used every equipment (In this case a camera and a drone). As you can see that range of days are is the production duration. Until now it never takes more than 2 weeks the productions we've been working with. So here are represented 2 weeks that begins the day selected on the top right rectangle. It could be a wednesday, for example. By the way, I have no idea if march 28 2018 was Monday...
  • The camera (a Phase One camera) will be use 28th and 2nd  in that range of days between March 28 and April 10. So 2 days.
  • The drone will be use 30th  and 2nd  in that range of days between March 28 and April 10. So 3 days.


I'm still trying to understand the code he wrote to adapt it like I want (even the design I did) but by now I can't.

My knowledge in Filemaker are very low but I'm following some tutorials and mixed them and I think I just have to resolve two or three things to finish my first program. This one is one of them.




This is the first example of FileKraft on that thread

And this the second one which is the most similar to my goal.


I hope my English on this forum has some sense.