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To join or self-join, that is the question

Question asked by tonaya on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by tonaya

Apologies if I have posted this before. I don't see it in the history but I thought I posted it last week. Super new to filemaker.


I do not know whether I should be using join tables, self-join tables, or something else.


I work in print production, and at the most basic level right now I have three entities:


1. Books

2. which come in different Assemblies

3. which are produced in multiple Print runs


Books and Assemblies have a many to many relationship.

Books and Print runs have a many to many relationship.


Books and assemblies are both identified by unique ISBNS and titles.

Books can be related to none, one, or more assemblies.


Each book and each assembly in each print run has unique qualities, for example unit cost and delivery date.


I keep running into trouble and I think it's because there's a loop somewhere.


I have one database where I've developed unique tables for books, student assemblies, and teacher assemblies, and then created join tables with print run for each of them. This works fine for books but not the assemblies.


I tried making a new database where I developed one table for print products with self-joining tables for the assemblies. This seems to work until I try to get the data from the self-joining tables to show up on the layout, either from fields or from a portal.


I feel there must be something simple I am overcomplicating as I'm thinking into relationships. I don't think that what I'm trying to track is all that complicated.


Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am LOST!


Thank you!