FMSE Stuck Saving PDFs

Discussion created by shouse on Oct 8, 2018
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Our team has run into a issue with FileMaker Server 17. We continually have times when the script engine of FileMaker Server will become unresponsive. It is not crashing and there are no signs of any issue in any of the logs. However, when this occurs none of the scripts that run on the server will complete. Schedules will stay running and PSOS scripts will stay connected. I believe we have isolated the issue to saving PDF's on the server. When saving the PDF to the documents folder of the server, on a seemingly random occurrence, the PDF will have a size of 0kb and the server resources will return to idle levels. Once the script engine is restarted, everything runs normally until the next random time this happens. I have created a simple file and have attached a video displaying the issue we are seeing. The server in the video is a test Windows 2016 Server with no other connections or scripts running then shown in the video.


To mitigate as much impact to our clients as possible, I have setup a trigger using Zabbix to automatically restart the script engine if a certain file is older then a set amount of time and I have a server schedule updating that file constantly. However, this is not an ideal solution as restarting the script engine can have other effects on our clients. Any insight to this issue it would be appreciated.