iOS SDK 17. Use custom URL to send commands from FM file to app?

Discussion created by wjackson on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by wjackson

I have an Xcode project that I made from iOS SDK 17. I am trying to use the FileMaker file as a point of sale system and interface with a card swiping device on the iPad. This card swiping device comes with an SDK, available in Swift or Objective-C.


This is the workflow I would like to achieve: the user is on a payment screen in the FM file, presses a button to swipe their card, the button uses open URL with the app's custom URL to send a command to the Xcode project to be received by the app delegate, the app delegate captures this and runs commands in the payment SDK, then I send those results back to FM using FMX_Queue_Script.


I have correctly connected my Swift app delegate class to the iOS SDK but I can't get this to work. Instead, the app's custom URL scheme behaves exactly like fmpurl. Is there any way to override this behavior? Can anyone else think of a different way to do this? To send commands from within a FileMaker file to an SDK in Xcode?