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WebDirect: grabbing 2 PDFs to use as file attachments in email

Question asked by RussW on Oct 8, 2018

I think my specific case is a bit different than anything I was able to find here or on the Internet. I am using 360Works email plugin to send an email with two PDFs attached.


In both FMPAdv and GO, it was easy. I created my 2 PDFs and stored the two files in externally stored container fields. I called the email plugin using PSOS. On the server side script, I set $file1 = ContainerTable:Container_1 and $file2 = ContainerTable:Container_2. Then I attach them to the email using the function:

     Set Variable ( $result; Value: EmailAttachFile( $file1 ) ) and

     Set Variable ( $result; Value: EmailAttachFile( $file2 ) )


But I am styimied on WebDirect. Is there any work-around, short of a robot machine, that would let me create new PDFs and then attach them to a single email?


P.S. I am looking into 360works SuperContainer, but that's awfully expensive for my single little issue.