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Sorting a portal with an "if" calculation

Question asked by SlaterKing on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi Everyone,


Apologies in advance, I've had a search but I couldn't find anything.


I've got a portal, and I want to sort it on a calculation field.

If the calculation is

Portal_Sort = Camp4

then I sort in the Portal Set up on the "Portal Sort" field, then it works


If the calculation is

Portal_Sort =

if (Camp4 = "finished" ; "yes" ; "no")

then the sort won't work, it just won't sort at all.


Am I right in thinking then that you can't sort a portal with an if calculation?


I want to know if

Camp1 = "finish" or

Camp2 = "finish"

Camp3 = "finish" etc etc


So that all the records that have a "finish" in them go to the bottom.


I tried Case (Camp1 = "finished" ; "yes" ; Camp2 = "finished" ; "yes" ; etc) and that doesn't work too.


Hence my apology at the start, I guess I'm just missing something really simple?!