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How to setup an API Key for Google Maps ?

Question asked by Alejandro Felix on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by BMyers

I used FM Starting Point (FMSP) Ver 6.0 from Richard Carlton Consulting website, as an example for a solution that requires displaying several location points in a map. (Not the simplest map) I copied all the CF's, Scripts, working layouts, etc. I kept the reduced display level to 50 points per layout open. The solution is working well and runs on the customer premises, using a windows server, and a FMS Ver 16 license is installed.

Once the solution started to display the map correctly, few weeks later a message from Google showed up asking the solution owner to insert an API key. My guess is that Google lets you use the maps functionality, for a test or development period for free. The map we are currently using is a Java Script type for this pupose. They already got their API key.

I understood that I need to add something like KEY and more, but I don't know where this should be added. Does anyone?