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Large images better handled by newer versions of fm?

Question asked by tiffanyde on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi there-


I developed a database for an artist and she likes to put really large 300dpi images into the database (she uses it also to print simple books with it). I store them directly in a container field (not as a reference). We also store receipts with that file.


A few years ago the db had grown so much that it kept on freezing and that I had to break it up into different chunks. Now we have one master database with lower res images that we use as an index, but to generate prints from a bunch of copies that contain fewer records each b/c she still likes to use the 300dpi images but I haven't found a way not to make the system freeze when working with those large files.
We're thinking to moving to 150 (after all, before the file gets converted to pdf before  it goes to a printer and there is really no perceivable difference).


Now the questions are as follows: is upgrading to a newer version of filemaker going to help with this issue?


I'm thinking of downsizing for 150 dpi either way, but I'm not sure yet if I can move back to having only one master file without having to work with the "broken off copies" that I created for those print purposes.

For the time being it should be fine, but I assume that in a few years we'll be back to zero when the accumulative amount of images stored in the system will be as heavy as it was before I broke the database into a few smaller ones.


Or is there any other way to work around this?