FYI: "Admin()" is modifying these items.

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Oct 10, 2018

Over the weekend I got a client request to update an account in their database.  FMP16 on Server16.  Went into Security and got this message when I tried to update the password.  "Admin()" is modifying these items.  Made a couple of attempts - same thing.  Did some sleuthing and noticed that there were a lot (about 20) connected "ghost" users - all from a serverside script that runs on 30 minute intervals.  I disconnected all users then closed and reopened the databases.  Now I could make the changes in the security area.  I realize I should have done an "FMSE Stop" then "FMSE start" in Terminal to see if that had any effect - next time I guess.

Rather anecdotal to be sure but thought I'd pass it on in case this happens to you.  Not even 50% convinced the 2 things are related.