WebDirect portals in Windows always show scroll bars

Discussion created by William-Porter on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by ahamel

I'm trying to report an issue with FileMaker 17. Am I doing this in the right place?


Here's the issue: In an app built in 17 and deployed on FMS 17, in WebDirect in Windows 10, the portals will always show scroll bars, regardless of the way the portal is configured in FileMaker Pro Advanced and regardless of whether the scroll bars make sense. A portal that's (say) ten rows high but is displaying only three records will show scroll bars.


This does not happen in Mac OS browsers in High Sierra. I tested in Firefox and Edge in Windows 10 and in Safari and Firefox in Mac OS. Aside from the Mac OS being High Sierra rather than Mojave, all the apps are latest versions as of October 10, 2018. Tested on several PC laptops (Dell XPS 15 and Microsoft Surface Book 2) and on a 2015 MacBook Pro retina 15".


No workaround available, as far as I can see. My choices are either give up on portals or force my users to live with ugly scroll bars. Well I guess there is a third option: I could try to convince my users all to buy Macintoshes....