SMTP Email attachment visibility when viewed in Apple Mail

Discussion created by dburnham on Oct 11, 2018
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I have a solution (no, forgive me, its a Workplace Innovation Platform) that sends about 250 emails daily from iPhones of various generations.  Each and every email message is sent using the FMP Send via SMTP Server.  Each and every email message has a photo attachment, some taken with the camera and some chosen from the Photo Library.  Either way, the photo resolution is always using the Medium setting.  The photo is attached to the email by the Send Mail script step after the photo is exported to a Temporary Path.


When the emails are viewed in Apple Mail, the photo is visible when the email is viewed in "ordinary" view, but when viewed in "conversation" view, the photo is not visible.  (it could be vice-versa, I'm not personally using Apple Mail and I don't generally receive these emails, I'm just going by what the customer tells me is happening."


Is there a difference between the way Apple presents photos in "conversation view" vs. otherwise, and if so, why?