FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation Course Now Available at Productive Computing University

Discussion created by KeithLarochelle on Oct 10, 2018
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San Diego, CA - October 10, 2018 - Productive Computing, Inc. just released a new course at Productive Computing University (PCU). In this course, FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation, Marc Larochelle discusses the entire SSL process from purchase to installation.


The course covers:

  • what an SSL is as it relates to FileMaker Server
  • the various types of SSL certificates
  • how to buy a domain and an SSL certificate
  • how to bind an SSL certificate to a domain
  • how to point your domain to a FileMaker Server IP address
  • how to test it to make sure your configuration is set up correctly


This training is designed for new FileMaker developers who are unfamiliar with FileMaker and SSLs.


"When I was thinking about what course I wanted to teach next, I remembered how long it took me to learn to install and configure an SSL certificate on FileMaker Server.


"I spent a considerable amount of time researching online, digging through documentation and Google search results, and scrubbing YouTube for videos. In the end, I found helpful and free information online, but I was frustrated with how scattered and incomplete it all was." Marc Larochelle, Instructor, Productive Computing University. 


Students can sign up for the course at