Using global data gathered in another layout

Discussion created by lesley on Oct 11, 2018
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Can anyone help me with the following issue. I have an Allocation process that contains a Count Status box currently set up as a global field that looks like this


Behind the scenes are the following controls and scripts to populate the Count Status box within this layout


Script "Update_Status_US-CAN" -

     Set Field [Allocation US CAN::CountStatus;

     ExecuteSQL ("Select Status,

     Count (Status)

     FROM \"Allocation US CAN\"

     WHERE\"Burst Interval\"=?

     GROUP BY Status "; ": "; "" ;

     Allocation US CAN::BurstLevel_Selected_g)]

     Exit Script [Text Result:True]



This is running fine and giving me the Allocated  and Unallocated Counts as I allocate the Codes - however the sales team would like to see this information presented in list form as shown below


Freq 166.380      Burst 10.1      Count Status      Allocated            516

                                                                             Unallocated        5

Freq 166.380      Burst 10.3      Count Status      Allocated           490

                                                                             Unallocated        31

Freq 166.380      Burst 10.7      Count Status      Allocated           498

                                                                             Unallocated        23

so that the availabilty in and around a specific Burst is visible to aid selection.


I have tried to create a list but believe that the Count Status being a field created as I allocate, it is not stamping this information anywhere so that I can present it in another layout. As I change the Freq and Burst on the Allocation table so the list changes to reflect the current Count Status.


Hope that this makes sense