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Work hours in a sub-summary

Question asked by Ian on Oct 11, 2018
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I've been asked at my company to create a replacement Time & Holiday booking solution for our employees. I've been using Filemaker for many years but I'm definitely not an experienced user.


The main criteria is that each employee cannot see any other person entries.

I'm still in the construction stage and everything is going fine including a report page based on months, except for the moment one thing.


On the report page where each employee can view their current status, it is required to have the monthly expected work ours visible so each employee sees if they are under or over in their work hours per month.


My problem is how can I show in the sub-summary the monthly values of the expected work hours from a central settings table that contains the hour values (linked to the date) which is the same for each employee?


I hope that's understandable.