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Find by using Month Name

Question asked by michaelt1000 on Oct 11, 2018
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I have a field called "actual_month" and based off a date in another field called "start_date" this field is set with specific text as follows using the case function


if the date in "start_date" falls for instance between 5/5/2018 and 7/6/2018 this would be classed as "actual_month" being "May - 2018" but as you can see the dates are not from the 1st to the 31st of May.


I need to create a way to be able to search for instance for records that are now between actual_months based on the values set in the actual_month field i.e. from "Jan - 2017" to "May - 2018" but as you can see the dates that set these values are not from the 1st of a month to the end of a month as I stated above.


If I have a report, is there a way on the report if a person chooses from 4 fields listed below to be able to find all records that have the month name and year set in the field? i.e.


Start Month = "Jan""

Start Year = "2017"

To Month = "May"

To Year "2018"