Portals, TO's on FM Server

Discussion created by antoinedurr on Oct 11, 2018


I'm working my way through some nuances of T.O.'s and globals (on FM Server).  I have 3 tables (for film/vfx shot tracking): shots, assets, and asset costs.  Shots has a field of foreign keys that points to assets, the user can select what assets appear in a shot.  A portal nicely reveals the selection.  Then there are asset costs, which are provided by a vendor.  The vendor's bid version is stored in the asset costs table, so a particular asset will show up each time a new bid is supplied by the vendor, just with a new version number.  The goal is for the portal to list the asset name, the current bid amount, and the previous bid amount.

  My question is, where do I keep the version numbers for currentBid and prevBid?  Are they globals in the shots table?  Or a globals table?  We also have a ShotCosts table that is used the same way as the AssetCosts table, i.e. every new bid version a new set of shot costs are added to that table, and I can tally up current and previous bid total costs or per-shot costs.

Where things are not working as expected is if I place my globals on the shots table.   Because of relationship constraints, I have to create separate TO's for current and previous bid versions.  But what I would prefer is to have these two globals available to both the AssetCosts as well as the ShotCosts.  Is this a feature of globals in a server environment, that a Shots portal won't find any matching AssetCosts records?