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Problem showing picture store in repetitive field

Question asked by user25183 on Oct 11, 2018
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There must be something I don't see!


I have a file with these 5 fields  ImageA[10]; ImageB[10]; FieldName; RepetitionNo; DisplayImage


DisplayImage is a global  "Calculated"

using GetField ( GetRepetition ( FieldName ; RepetitionNo ))


In the layout, each of the repetitive fields has a trigger "OnObjectEnter" that call a script

Set Field [ File::FieldName ; Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ]

Set Field [ File::RepetitionNo ; Get ( ActiveRepetitionNumber ) ]

Refresh Object [ Object Name : File::DisplayImage ]


when I click "ImageA[1]" it works, on all other, it doesn't work.


Any hint will be welcome?