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Help-can only print current record for envelopes (vs. all records being browsed)

Question asked by amybean on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by amybean

Hi-I'm using Filemaker Pro 12 v4 and experiencing a printing problem I thought was only associated with older versions. Printing to a HP LaserJet Pro M501. I'm trying to print envelopes for all records being browsed but it will only print the current record regardless of settings. So I have to arrow from one record to the next, printing each envelope in a set of 300 individually. Aaaaaargh! I think it may be Filemaker based on past issues I've read about. But oddly, I CAN print all records being browsed for other layouts that print to letter-size paper. It only seems to affect printing envelopes. Can anyone help? Thanks so much, Amy