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Issue with 'update found set' import option

Question asked by d'ego on Oct 12, 2018
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Anyone have any idea what would keep FM13 from correctly updating a record through the 'update found set' option? 


I have a step in a script which calls for finding certain records, then updating them with info from an excel file. It works fine when I run it on my machine, and when my coworker runs the script on her machine (same database structure-different records), but we have a third person who's having issues with this.


We ran a test where we found just one record and removed data from one field before importing (not via the script) using the update found set option. As in the script, we matched the work order and account number fields and mapped the desired field from the excel file to the field we previously deleted info from. We didn't get an error message, just the dialog box stating 0 records were updated/added. I double-checked that the selected record was indeed on the excel report, and that the work order and account number were there.


We share our database files via google drive so we tried the procedure again on my computer. It worked.


Here's where it gets stranger: there are several other scripts we use on a daily basis calling for updating a found set, they all work on her computer. The issue seems constrained to just updating when importing from two excel files, and only to her computer (these same excel files import fine on the other two computers). 


I'm going to build another table to temporarily hold the info from these two excel files, then replace the update found set import script step with a loop copying the necessary info from that new table to the matching records on the existing 'main' table.


Still, I'd like to know if anyone has come across anything like this and how you dealt with it.