Target Process - Helpful DevOps Tool

Discussion created by fhcmsoftware on Oct 12, 2018

Hi -

I wanted to just let people know that if you don't already have a good tool for managing development from a project management perspective, I've been using Target Process for several months and really like it.  It's an agile software development tool, with a strong team focus, but I use it by myself and it's tremendously helpful.

It integrates with version control systems, so when I check in something into SVN, I can tag it with a task/user story in TP and the system will have a record of comments and commits. (I use SVN for my FMP db even though I can't do diffs or anything obviously).

So if I've created a feature called dashboard and I have 10 user stories, each with subtasks, as I work on them I can capture time spent, progress, etc with my SVN commit and that information is captured in TP, time spent is logged, state can be changed, etc.


It's an incredibly flexible tool.  Bit of a learning curve but if you like tools that let you change everything, it's good.


I wanted to point it out because many of the other industry standard tools are not affordable for someone like me, whereas TP is.   I've struggled to find tools to help me with my FMP development since so many are based around a more orthodox compiled IDE or around standard SQL databases, and just don't fit with FMP.


So far, this has been great and works well with my workflow.