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Script Workspace - Keyboard Shortcut Mismatch

Question asked by user2146881 on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by TSGal

I use FileMaker on both Windows 10 and MacOS  - one of the tiny issues which seems to have plagued me from FM Pro v16 and now again in v17 is errors and/or mismatches when using keyboard shortcuts, especially so within the Script Workspace. The issues seem to be most common on my Windows devices (Pc or Laptop) and I've attached a screen capture to show the problem.


In the 1st screen capture you can hopefully see that I enable/disable a script step using the [Ctrl] +[/] shortcut keys successfully.


I then attempt to insert a Comment on the next empty line, but pressing the [#] shortcut key fails to be registered.


If I double click and select [# Comment] from the drop down, and then press the [#] shortcut key it types in just fine.


I've double checked and there's no 'Custom Menus' installed or anything which should be overwriting the keyboard commands etc.