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Question asked by pattyred on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by pattyred

I can't solve myself this problem and I have been browsing similar questions but I did not find the one fitting my need. Please help me in the following situation.

Three tables:

Companies, one record for each company with company details

Products, one record for each product with products details

Sales, one record for each sale


COMPANIES                   PRODUCTS              SALES                 

c_P_key ----------------< c_F_key          

Company_name              p_P_key ----------<   p_F_key         

Address                           Product                     Product   

Phone                              Product_details         Price

etc                                                                     Date




I need to produce a layout as list sorted by Year, showing for each year:

- the best five Companies with the best amount of sales

- the best five Products sold

- increment percentage compared to previous year


Many thanks for your help