Simple Collapsing Portal Driven Menu

Discussion created by gregstock on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by AndresLP

Hi Folks, I am loading up this sample for 2 reasons.

Firstly so that others who are having problems with creating a central database driven menu/navigation solutions can maybe make use of it.

Secondly - if there folk can come with improvements or warnings where the solution may fail or not perform well.

We are using FMProAdv17 and will before long migrate our new FM database to a Server and then maybe look at WebDirect.  As I do not yet have access to the server, nor experence with webdirect - it would be great if I get heads up and/or ways to work around any issues that may appear with this navigation solution.


Please note that I am not a longtime developer and my scripts are Very Simple as I need to be able to work them out afterwards.  The sample is not pretty - afterall, my job was to create a working menu as a test that I could then incorporate into out quite large Labsystem.  I am 120% sure there are more elegant solutions and simplifications that can be made to the script and system.  Thats where I am hoping some smart generous person can assist with some updates or changes that are understandable and fix any potential oooppps. 


Currenly we have used this "template" and incorporated it into our FM-LabLIMS. So far so good - it works across all tables and we now have a menu system that is centrally updated. ie all menus can be modified across all layouts.

The only trick is placing (copy/paste) the menu portal onto each layout that requires a MainMenu - I can live with that.

Its not much different to setting up a Hamburger anyway.  I have not tested it - but I assume the portal can be placed on a Card with some script modifications.


The Menu seems fast enough for my needs and seems to work OK. Our database is used on Desktops only (large screens) in the Lab so I am not concerned about screen realestate. I have not tried or tested it as a Popup Card.

The database overhead seems small (to me) but does anyone see any downsides?


Looking forward to any feedback.