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Discussion created by davinator on Oct 14, 2018
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Dear all,

I have a pretty stupid/complicated thing to do with FM.

Let's say I have a simple database inside my FM program like this:

ID (Integer)

NAME (String)

BIRTH (Date)


We know that with filemaker we can generate fantastic things (portal, windows, pop ups,etc) but this simple DB will be used remontely on an industrial computer where the user is living in a pretty rude atmospheric conditions, so he has not the time to open windows, click buttons, generate reports, etc. So the user needs to insert these three indormations (ID NAME BIRTH) in an "excel style" page, just to minimize the information inserton timings. Sorry for the obvious example:


1     ALEX     1/1/1980

2     JOHN     2/5/1929

3     MARSH  7/7/1945



I tried to use portals: they are nice, but their size is limited to 1000 or 2000 (don't remember) elements. I need up to 6000 elements to be handled.

I tried by using the "table view" (sorry for translation) and it works, but I need to make some small colors trick on cells (based on their contents) and table view does not allow me to do much, it's very very very basic.

I cannot use an external EXCEL file because of licence problems, so I have to do this with FM.

Any idea, guys ?

Thanks in advance