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Attendance Rosters/Table

Question asked by justwondering on Oct 14, 2018
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I am a newbie but have created a database that seems to be working the way I need it to EXCEPT for one aspect. I am in need of an attendance roster.  I have a base table with info, an enrollment table related to the base, and an attendance table (that is currently blank).  I set the relationship but it is not working.  I want to go to the Attendance table/layout, do a find in the Program Enrollment table for those people in a certain class, have those names put into my attendance layout, and then enter their attendance with new records. The enrollment sometimes changes so I need to names to update as I enter new records in the base and enrollment tables.  I can't use the base or enrollment tables because I don't wan't duplicate records for the students.  Can anyone give me advice on how to set this up? I have tried watching videos and reading files but I just can't get it to work.  Thank you!