Relationship structure and report layout

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Hello community members,


I consider myself as a beginner in FileMaker, with around 8 months of experience on the software. I am working on a solution to store, maintain and report data describing the assembly of several components (between 1 and 3).


As visible on the attachment "Tables", the tricky part is that I have one unique list of components, and the table Assembly would pick either 1, 2 or 3 components from the table Component. I tried first the data structure 2 with virtual duplications of the table Component, then the data structure 1. As long as I stay in "data entry mode", both the structures 1 or 2 work just fine... The issue starts when I try to get a printable report out of this.


On data structure 2 example:

- if I base the report layout on the table Component, the report will only show instances where the component is listed in the field Component1

- if I base the report layout on the table Assembly, I have to add fields Component1, Component2 and Component3... which would show 2 blank rows as assemblies 1 and 2 do not have a Component3 value.


On data structure 1 example, whether I base the layout on one table or the other, rows will appear blank.


I welcome any comment or advice !

Thank you all,