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Insert from URL on FMS 17

Question asked by mbenseman on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by fmpdude

I am running FMS 17 on a Mac Mini, using OSX as the operating system.


I store a lot of documents, and what i have been trying to do is automate the uploading of documents into my hosted database.  So for instance, I might find an article on a web site which i want to keep.  I generate a PDF of the document, then insert it into the database, using a container field.  At the moment this involves me downloading the PDF, then opening the database on a client machine and going through the insert PDF process.  I can automate some of the with scripts, but....


....what I am trying is to save the PDF to a DropBox folder on my client, which then syncs with my server machine.  I then have developed a script (to run on the server periodically) which checks the DropBox folder (using Base Elements BE_FileListFolder function) and checks for any newly saves files, and if it finds such a file it grabs it and inserts into the database.


Here's the issue......"Insert from URL" does not seem to work on the works fine on a  client machine using the same process, but does nothing on the server.  The fact that it works on the client suggests to me that the path is correct.


I have got this process to work by using the BE function BE_FileImport, which works fine, but what I'd like to do is have the PDF put into the container as an "Interactive" file, rather than as a file....i.e. I want to view the PDF in the container, not just see an icon.  Not sure how to achieve this as a default.


I'd appreciate any insights anyone can give me on this process.