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Multiple attachments in BE Plugin SMTP Send (Windows10, 32bit)?

Question asked by jovosoft on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by jovosoft

Hi !

While still using the FM 16 platform I thought it useful to put BaseElements to work for attaching several files... however, it just does not work as desired. The e-mail itself is despatched and received alright (no "?") , but the path string(s) somehow made it into the message body, overwriting the original text there, and no attachments are sent at all.

So here is my call:

BE_SMTP_Send (

$$prmail_acc ;

Messages::d_ContToFULL1_T ;

Messages::Subject ;







... where $fileattach might contain a string like


(or any list of paths in the same format, for that matter)

Plugin version installed: 3.3.6 (need to stay on 32bit)


Could anything be wrong with the syntax? (Windows path format)

(How) does the AddAttachment call come into play?