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Portal with 100 records on a 90,000 records table

Question asked by f.i.sciences on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by David Weiner

Hello Community,


I have a 90,000 records table of clients.

I do a ExecuteSQL() to fill up a multi-key field for relationship (only 100 records at a time). Takes 1 sec.

Fields for relationship are numerical (better performance than a text field? Or doesn't impact?).


But displaying the resulting tables base on the relationship take around 30s in the portal?

I have sort, filter and conditional formatting on this portal. But since it's only 100 records.

Can't find why this is taking so long.


Run on latest FMS 17 hosted on a fast server and really fast internet link.

Accessed from latest FMPa 17 on iMac (late 2012) with MAC OS latest also.


Thank you.