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How does one duplicate a record multiple times?

Question asked by jmccool on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by techt

I'm trying to find a way to setup a button in a filemaker database that when pressed will duplicate the current record multiple times. My hope is that all the user needs to do is enter how many duplicates they would like and then the script does the rest. My other hope is that it will place the user back onto the original record so then can start the next portion of the entry from there and scroll forward through the new duplicates. As an example, here is the setup of our database:

The user would fill in the information for the first section (SO#, PO#, Date, Customer info) and then they would need to duplicate that record the amount of times needed for how many products were sent on that particular order. Sometimes it is 2 products, but sometimes it is several hundred. I am not the best at scripting so does anyone have a script that would work in this situation?