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Table not visibile in DB list but available in script

Question asked by taised on Oct 16, 2018
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Hi, I'm a new FM developer and i've been giving a huge solution developed by someone else who's no more available so i cannot ask him for help, so i'm asking here if you can find a solution for my problem.


I have this strange behaviour, i have a Document Format which accesses its own table (let's call it DT) that has a set of rows related (let's call them DT_rows)


The script i found makes something like this, on each DT_rows if on DT a specific field has a specific value, it adds to the row a value (discount) taken from another table that we can call TableA. Now the problem is that TableA is not listed in the DB table list (if I open File->manage->Database) but i can see it in the script window, for example if i open the specify calculation window i have the table list on the left and here and just here TableA appears. How is it possible? Where is the definition of this ghost table?


My problem is the following, i have to export the content of DT and DT_rows in another context where the discount have to be moved from the single row to the DT document as a global discount. But when in my script that starts from DT table i try to access TableA, i'm not given an error but the table content is empty.


Someone can help me please?