Label layout not displaying all records.

Discussion created by gergnnud on Oct 16, 2018
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FMS and FMP 16

Mac OSX Siera

Mac Mini server


A client issued a ticket stating that their label printing was missing records. I confirmed this and started troubleshooting. After not being initially successful with changing settings I generated a new label layout based on the Avery L7159 template and added the same object for display. All records were displayed so I thought that there must be a setting I had missed. Eventually all settings, margins, body and column widths etc. (even theme) were made to be identical between the old and the new layout. The old layout still omitted records!


After much troubleshooting I can conclude the only difference between the old and the new layouts is the version of Filemaker they were created with. The old layout could have even been converted from fmp7, I don't  know how long it has been in the system.


Nothing even Filemaker can do about this but putting it out there if others run into this problem. You need to start again with a new layout, generated in your current version of Filemaker to have it display all records correctly.