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Can I have an item in different categories?

Question asked by chrisdgallego on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by chrisdgallego

Hi. I have a list of products (one table) where the whole items (records) are group by some categories.


My doubt is if it's possible to have the same item in different categories so if I want to delete that item (which is in some categories) I will deleted from the categories it was. 


My items are photography equipment. So I have (for example) a tripod that works with cameras and iWork Cases.

So this tripod is in "Tripods" category and "Digital assistant equipment" category.
The idea is that this tripod despite is in two categories, the units aren't two but one.


Is it too complicated to do this? I checked this doubt on Data and Reporting categories. Maybe I'm wrong.



I hope you understand my English.Thanks.