FileMaker Server bandwidth consumption

Discussion created by FMCostaRica on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by LSNOVER

I am puzzled at why FileMaker server uses very little internet speed, we have fiber optic at 15/15 and a managed network to give at least 10/10 to the server at any time even when there is no other network activity and the server hast all the 15/15 for itself the most bandwidth the server uses is not even 2mbps at its peak, I know the other clients connecting to it also have decent internet speed at at least 10/5 or better, so my question is, is this intended behavior?


What can we do to improve this behavior and more importantly make the clients that are connecting to the server feel faster, sometimes when connecting from a short distance say less than 20 miles via LTE with more than 10/10mbps speed the connection lags and feels slow and some other times it feels fast for the exact same process, keep in mind we have taken all the considerations about using themes and styles, not having unstored calcs etc. so it is not how the solution is created, we want to know how we can make the server use more bandwidth.


Thanks in advanced!