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Filemaker Server 17 Scheduled Scripts "ALL" running

Question asked by digitalemu on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by TSGal

Hi guys.
We've recently upgraded to Filemaker 17 Server from 16 and I've been experiencing an issue which is causing enormous grief, to which I cannot find a cause.



Product: Filemaker 17 Server running multiple solutions (5)

OS : Windows Server Datacenter 2016 (AWS Virtual Machine)

Hardware: Virtual Machine - 16gb RAM xeon 2.5ghz processor, 400gb hdd (300gb free)

The Issue:
This appears to be an issue with the Filemaker Script Engine.
Occasionally, scheduled scripts will seem to "hang"
In the Administration Console, any scripts that are scheduled to run during this period say that they are "running"... but they are not.
This "hanging" prevents any scheduled script from running and also blocks any "perform script on server" actions from running.

The only way to fix this is to restart the actual Virtual Machine.


I can still log into the solutions with filemaker Pro and perform scripts on the local machine without a problem.

How to replicate - Unknown. This happens completely randomly anywhere between 2 days and a week since the last machine restart. It happens during the day, at night and in the morning all at random times.



Workaround (if any) - Restart the entire machine. (Filemaker server will not allow me to restart it)



Resources: FM Server Script Engine Hang
This appears to be the issue I am experiencing.




With 5 solutions over 2 businesses running on this host and over 30 scheduled scripts, this is obviously an enormous cause for concern.
Any help would be appreciated.