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Allow creation of new records not creating a searchable record

Question asked by user24661 on Oct 16, 2018
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I have two tables, SITE and TABLE. There is a relationship from SITE to TABLE by the fields 'SITE ID' and a constant to a flagged field. 'Allow creation of records' is ticked in the TABLE table. (sorry for confusingly named table).


I have a script in a SITE layout that sets a field in the TABLE table, and in doing so it does create the new record. HOWEVER, when I then go to the 'TABLE' layout, and perform a search for this record using  the field 'SITE ID', it says no records are found. Even though I can see the record it created right in front of me, with exactly the same SITE ID I am searching for in it.


It does not appear in the search until I have gone into 'manage database' or quit and reopened the file. This is a big bug for me and I need to know what I am doing wrong.


I have uploaded a sample video, and a picture of my relationship and script that sets (and creates) the record.


Note in the sample video that the record has been created, but it is not finding it.


Many thanks for your help.