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ExecuteSQL using GROUP WITH ROLLUP or equiv.

Question asked by AndreasT on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by AndreasT

I'm looking to produce something like a subsummary result from ExecuteSQL.

MySQL has this neat modifier for GROUP called WITH ROLLUP, that does exactly that. It doesn't look like FileMaker supports this modifier and I cannot find any documentation on it.


The modifier is explained here:


I'm looking for a result similar to this (example taken from the MySQL page). My need is a bit more complicated with many levels of summaries, but the principle is like this with a summary line for every group. The reason for not using FileMaker's own subsummaries is that the queries are complicated.

mysql> SELECT year, SUM(profit) AS profit

       FROM sales



| year | profit |


| 2000 |   4525 |

| 2001 |   3010 |

| NULL |   7535 |



Anyone know of an approach to get subsummaries directly from ExecuteSQL?