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Need advice in what product should we choose (server or cloud)

Question asked by santos.danielfs on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by beverly

Hi, we are a small company of 4-5 workers (expecting to grow soon), and we developed a first version of our management system with a demo of filemaker pro.


Now that we started using it and inserting data to the system, we need it to be accessible by more than one user at the same time. In this moment we just have a project file in a dropbox folder, but if more than one user opens this file to work on it, there will be conflict copies and lost data.


We started searching for solutions and we discovered 2 options, Filemaker Server and Filemaker Cloud. We studied both, but we're still not sure about what to do.


Considering that:

- We need our app to be accessible, for now, by 5 users aprox. (with possibility to grow in the future);

- We don't have technical knowledge to set up a local server and maintain it;

- We need the easier and cheaper solution to install and maintain.

- We will use other tools like FMWebDirect or FMGo.

- We are also thinking on integrate our system with other web apps via Zapier or similar.


What do you recommend us to do?

FMCloud, I guess? If so, what would be the first steps? What products exactly, do we need to buy and how much it costs? What hosting type? Is there a full-pack or we need to buy/install different things?


All this things are completely new for us, we really need your advice and support to make this work in the best way possible.


Thank's in advance, we will wait for your answer.

Daniel Santos