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Portal not showing records

Question asked by FM_DM on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by FM_DM

Hi, I am back at it again with yet another portal question (apparently my kryptonite). I have a database which is to be used by engineers to log work completed on jobs. Our engineers also provide an OOH service. As such in my database I have created the following: (Pink indicates join outside of database)


Portal capture.PNG

Now on a layout called jobsheet I have a portal to the parts table When a new item is added this it shows all the items used / required for that job fine - listing them in the portal.

In order to create the OOH jobsheet I have duplicated the whole set up for the OOH sheet with second occurrences of all the tables. This adds a record to the parts table with the correct information to the parts table when added to the portal however it doesn't display in the portal.  Here is the portal as it is set up (this is a direct copy of the working portal on jobsheet just with reference changed to parts OOH and the filter set to filter based on Order number as on the jobsheet layout) :


This is the portal in layout view (should show three records )



So the question is why am I not seeing the listed jobs here from the parts table (testorderno)?



Sure this will be something stupid I have missed but as always your help is appreciated.