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Portal Disappeared

Question asked by user28311 on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by tsplatypus

FM Version

Windows Version 10.0 Build 16299

Windows Platform: Windows 10 Enterprise

32 Bit


I was working on a layout and using the layout in Browser mode with no problems.

Suddenly I lost connection with the server and it ask me to "reconnect" I closed instead and shutdown my computer.


I went to my meeting with the customer and open the same layout and the portal was not visible.

In layout mode I noticed the portal and each of the fields were hidden using a calculation.


This calculation was used on a prior version of the layout and applied to a completely different portal. In that case only one of the fields in the portal were displayed using a calculation.


I suspect some type of corruption which mangled the show/hide and misapplied it to my new portal.

My fear is that this will be a recurring issue. Any chance a "recover" would help ?