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Formula to check multiple values based on value range

Question asked by u.stock on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by u.stock

Hi experienced FileMaker-users,


I would like to have the appropriate value(s) automatically checked based on two values indicating the minimum and maximum value. The specific application is that there are two fields "Year_start" and "Year_end" containing numeric values, and a field "Date_era" formatted as checkbox displaying the regarding value list.

How can I make sure that all values included by "Year_start" and "Year_end" are checked in "Date_era" via calculation?


For example:

Year_start: 30

Year_end: 45


Date_era: 14-37 and 37-54 should be checked, as both of the date ranges are partially related (unfortunately, the eras have overlapping years as they are based on the rule of Roman Emperors. However, if "Year_end" is equal to the beginning of an era [and "Year_start" is not equal but less than that], "Year_end" would not belong to this era;  and if "Year_start" is equal to the last year of an era [and "Year_end" is not equal but greater than that], "Year_start" would not belong to this era. Hence, there might also be an automatic fix for this?!)


Your help would be very much appreciated.