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Toggle and creating new records through join tables

Question asked by faxmod on Oct 17, 2018
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Hi there all of you


I am both new to this community and to Filemaker. Learning something new every day.

Even thought I have gone through much videos and internet pages, I cannot seem to find an explanation for what I struggle with, so therefore I turn to you.


This is my join tables example. It connects Companies on the left side with Contacts on the right side. It works like it should through a portal. My questions is:


1. How can I set up a solution to create a new contact related to a company as a user, not a developer.

2. How can I set up a solution to toggle the contacts. Let us say that one contact shifts company or start to work for more companies.


Hoping for an good explanation or a reference to a video showing it or something.


Thank you in advance

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