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Magic Value List - In simple terms please.......

Question asked by ak_crux on Oct 17, 2018
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We have a solution being used at a construction site with 25 Users on iPads.  The solution is large, with the main table approaching 750K records…may even get to 1M.  We have a very robust user interface with a lot of value lists to keep manual data entry to a minimum.  Many of these value lists need to be dynamic based on varying criteria.  We came across the Magic Value List and when we saw it in action realized that it is perfect for us - would solve many many problems (the biggest being all the relationships and TO’s needed to create some of our value lists).  We viewed the tutorial and downloaded the sample file from FilemakerHacks at:


We came across totally perplexed without even understanding the starting point for implementing this into our solution.  We did some more searching and are still in the same place, nowhere.


We are both intermediate+ level developers (with 20+ years of combined experience and attendance to a few DevCons) and are well versed in Execute SQL, Data API, Virtual Lists, Offline Sync, etc - so we're definitely not newbies.  Yet for some reason we can’t grasp this.


Does anyone have some hints or other tips with this explained in a different way?  Perhaps a link to another tutorial we haven’t found, or even a youtube video?